Atlanta Holistic Medicine

Dr. Susan Tanner and her experienced team provide the best environmental medicine in Atlanta. With their focus on diagnosing and treating illnesses triggered by our environment, they specialize in providing holistic and natural treatments.

What is Holistic Health Treatment?

Holistic medicine is a form of treatment that centers on the idea that every aspect and need of a person's life — psychological, physical, social, etc. — should be considered as a whole when determining the appropriate method to help the person heal. This form of medicine promotes the use of natural methods of treatment and avoids the overuse of surgery and drugs.

Life is All about Balance

To accomplish optimal overall health and wellness, you need to gain a proper balance in your life with all of your basic needs. So when being treated at Southern Environmental Medicine Center, our team examines every aspect of your life and how it could potentially be contributing to whatever it is that is ailing you. Our treatment plans are geared toward fixing the root of the issue, not covering it up with temporary solutions. We listen to each and every patient to determine a personalized approach for him or her.

It's Time to Regain Your Balance

Give our Atlanta holistic medicine center a call today to make an appointment with Dr. Susan Tanner and her team. Southern Environmental Medicine Center handles patients of all ages, as well as a wide variety of conditions, such as fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances and mold-related illnesses. We see patients from across the Southeast, including Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama.