Effects of Hormonal Imbalances

There is no doubt that the human body is a complex organism. Inside every one of us is a mass of moving parts that are intricately linked. We are comprised of vital organs, muscles, bones, tissues, and glands. Glands release chemicals known as hormones which work to maintain internal stability and our body’s overall health.


When a gland malfunctions, it often leads to what is known as a hormonal imbalance, meaning the gland will produce too little or too many hormones into the body at a given time. This can cause a wide range of health issues, from diabetes to fertility problems to high blood pressure and heart disease.


What are the Causes of Hormonal Imbalances?

In order to stay healthy, it is vital to be aware of the causes of these conditions. An improper diet, lack of exercise, high stress levels, or medication side effects can all contribute to hormonal imbalances. If you feel something may be wrong, you should see a doctor. Physicians can generally identify and diagnose these imbalances by running a series of tests.


By taking a sample of a patient’s saliva, doctors can tell whether the person is under or over-producing progesterone, testosterone or cortisol. Blood and urine tests may also be used to pinpoint which gland is the culprit. Natural health clinic practitioners also offer hormone replacement services to their patients, which have proven to be quite successful for regulating the malfunctioning glands and getting the body back to normal operating condition.


What are the Effects?

Hormonal imbalances are in no way a minor matter. A faulty adrenal gland can cause a wealth of immune system problems in addition to lapses in memory and even bone loss. Reproductive problems are very common in men and women who suffer from these imbalances.


An out of whack endocrine system can also cause one’s metabolism to slow down, which can result in weight gain and lethargy. With this in mind, maintaining healthy hormone levels requires eating nutritious foods and getting enough exercise. Getting plenty of rest and refraining from becoming stressed is also important, as it does not take much to upset the body’s delicate chemical balance.


A natural health clinic is a great place to go if you are having problems due to a hormonal imbalance. Since doctors at these establishments use only natural healing methods to cure afflictions, they are typically more effective at treating malfunctioning glands. Prescription medications are notorious for having many side effects which can cause the body’s endocrine system to become offset.